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Festivallica - About Us

Festivallica’s mission is to collect all the possible information about each and every music festival in the world. Of course this task can’t be done at once, but we’re not going to give up! All the festivals we’ve already found are available in our Festival Catalog. Usually we try not only to gather the info about the annual music events, but also to let you know about their current state: this year’s line-ups, various announcements etc. Take a look at the calendar on the home page!

Remember: if there’s no information about your favorite festival – let us know and we’ll do our best to add it a.s.a.p.! As already said we’re interested in information about any festivals:

Any form, any style, any direction

We also would be very glad to receive the information from the festivals directly, we’re always open for any co-operation in this area.


We’re not a festival :) We receive many e-mails from bands and artists asking us if they can participate in our festival, but sorry, you just got us wrong. This web-site belongs to no festival, this is just a web-site about the festivals. The difference is quite big :) We just tell you about the festivals, but don’t organize any festivals ourselves. Thank you for understanding.


Administrator – Anton Paykes
Manager – Yulia Solovieva
Concept – Albert Buchatskyy
Design – Yulia Buchatskaya

The following photographers were kind enough to let us officially use their images in the festival sliders: