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Ever since the beginning ROME enjoyed to cross the dividing line between the romantic warmth of folkish songwriting and chilly sound experiments. However, from the playful and challenging early works, mastermind Jerome Reuter progressively put a stronger focus on acoustic folk influences, like he showed on the 2010 album „Nos Chants Perdus“, which introduced references to the french Chanson, before he continued to melodize an impressive three-volume cycle about the fight for freedom, called “Die Aesthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit“. Full of musical anachronisms, ROME brave the storm of modern pop-culture and already celebrated considerable successes at the Amphi Festival twice. Other than previous shows, their 2015 set will take us on a different journey than before, as it will also feature the louder, more distorted aspects of their work, to enrich the strong foundation of dark acoustic folk.

„Do witches burn longer?“, well, that´s a story INKUBUS SUKKUBUS will know to sing a song about. Since the year 1989 the long runners of the british goth-scene prescribed themselves to musical witchcraft, vampires and other mystical subjects. A trade that quickly branded them with the mark of „Pagan Rockers“, due to the circumstance that Candia and Tony McKormack created a unique and charming way to interweave pagan folklore with driving beats and an edge of dark rock. After all the years, songs like „Wytches“, „Paganborn“, „Belladonna & Aconite“ or „Heart of Lilith“ are timeless classics that still reach the heart of the scene. We are very delighted to welcome this very special band for the first time at the Amphi Festival.

Like barely any other horrorpunk band DER FLUCH etched their mark into the history books of music. Not only because they were one of the first bands in 1982, who transcribed the stories of classic horror-flicks from universal and the hammer-studios into German punkrock for their self-entitled debut-album, it is also the menacing way frontman Deutscher W plays an intriguing song like „Werwolf“, just like Lon Chainey Jr. himself had appeared on stage. Anarchic, wild and ravenous DER FLUCH will reap your souls at Amphi 2015, just to bury your mortal shells in unholy ground!

With THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE Whispers In The Shadow-Mastermind Ashley Dayour, David Pfister and Stefan Elsbacher created themselves a fascinating universe of mystical soundtrack elements and haunting atmospheres, that emphasizes eerie electronic ambiente sounds and driving ritual-drums over ghostly voice samples. Inspired by the visionary gloom of John Carpenter and occult writings, these considerable „goats“ evoke your most subconscious phantasies, that deliver the inner movie to their goatish devilry from Vienna.

No matter if he leaves Helene Fischer „breathless in the night“ or, in his indistinguishable way, responds to fan mails from emos, Jesus Christ and Angela Merkel, DER TOD and his continuing death comedy image-campaign are absolutely down with the trend. If in front of a group of pensioners at a tea dance, or among his groupies at the Amphi Festival, Mr. Death´s creed stands unwavering: „don´t worry, die happy“. Anyway, let´s be realistic: ain´t resistance futile, when the reaper is knocking on your door? In addition to another part of his stand-up programme, DER TOD will support forensic scientist Dr. Mark Benecke with the moderation of the festival. Or as he would call it: a joint-venture!

Driving madness to the top, we further welcome the German electro-ascendants POKÆMON REAKTOR. These guys are one of a kind. Apart from their seldom affinity to shoot music videos in a living room or spontaneously in a car on the way to the party, you should never judge the book by its cover. Underneath their weird facade these fellas actually discovered a gap in the great wall of contemporary electro-music. With a twinkle in the eye they kick an innovative street-style, which finds its roots in classic EBM, spiced-up with modern industrial elements, and consistently leads to pogo meltdowns on the dancefloor. A fusion that produces straightforward nuclearpunk, to effortlessly energize a whole town, also known as „Strahlsund“!

Last but not least the first reading performance has also been comfirmed for 2015. It features ALEXANDER KASCHTE, mastermind of Samsas Traum and Weena Morloch.



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