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AMPHI FESTIVAL 2015: The line-up for 2015 is complete!

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It´s done! The line-up for 2015 is complete. Today we´re ready to announce the final band and also an unconventional experiment that will bring you interactive entertainment in a way you haven´t seen before. As „a good cast is worth repeating“, the highly requested running order is available now as well, giving you the tools to wield early plans for your personal Amphi weekend.


Is it postpunk, ghostwave or is that art? Far beyond the youtube-phenomenon of their clubhit „Gallowdance“ the minimalistic, cold approach of Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline became a trademark on its own as it unfolds a haunting atmosphere that captures the audience with irresistible force. In that, the sound of LEBANON HANOVER also appears arcane, fresh and unconventional. These days the German-British two-piece also returns with its fourth album, called „Besides The Abyss“, as teased with the video „Hollow Sky“, now available online:


And now for something completely different! On Saturday, 25.07., Welle: Erdball mastermind HONEY plans a unique and crazy experiment on our mainstage, that allows you, the fans, to become an active part of the show. By the title „SONGWRITING INTERACTIVE C=64“ the passionate sound-wizard will give an interactive songwriting-workshop. Assisted by the audience and a certain iconic home-computer, a brand new song will be created literally in front of your eyes and performed live the other day as part of the Welle: Erdball show. An ambitious project that will test all of HONEY´s improvisational talent and for sure be an entertaining change between the typical concerts. Perhaps we even witness the birth of a future Amphi-hymn, created with ideas and voices of the fans? Nothing is true, everything is possible! We are thrilled to hear the final result!


As a festival weekend wants to be well-planned, you can´t start to plan early enough. While everything will be built from scratch this time and also the programme will play out slightly different, we thought it would be a good idea to share the most requested secret of this year´s running order a bit sooner than usual:

At www.amphi-festival.de/2015/bands.html you now find the showtimes of all confirmed artists. Also we set up the useful clashfinder again at http://clashfinder.com/s/amphifest2015/ that helps you to plan your individual festival experience. Parts of the supporting programme, like parties, signing sessions, etc. will be announced later.


Original weekend tickets, day tickets, combined tickets with the E-tropolis Festival and the limited premium boxes are exclusively available online for worldwide shipping at the Amphi ticket shop: www.amphi-shop.de.

Alternatively tickets are available at CTS/EVENTIM and the associated local box offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands:

+ all associated box-offices

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