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Location: Fortress Josefov, Jarom??, Czech Republic Birth: 1995 Run: 19 times Status: active  
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Brutal Assault is a metal festival traditionally held in the XVIII century army Fortress Josefov (built from 1780 to 1787 by the Emperor Joseph II on the left bank of the Elbe and Mettau rivers) in Jarom??, Czech Republic. The name Brutal Assaults actually says it all and the festival is specialized in brutal music only, i.e. various metal stuff. It takes place each August traditionally on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the beginning of the month and works as a platform both for the internationally famous bands and for the local heavy acts. The festival was started in 1995 as a single-day-event featuring mostly grindcore music. For many years it was a small show with mainly local Czech and Slovak bands performing. Growing each year, in the late 2000’s it has become one of the biggest extreme metal summer music festivals in the Central Europe. Brutal Assault has two stages with music on one concert stage starting within minutes after the end of performance on the other stage, so no one misses anything. The festival’s official motto is “Against violence and intolerance”.

The approximate capacity of the current location of Brutal Assault is 15.000 visitors and the BA’s organizers were confronted for it many times, because some people are skeptical about the ancient fortress being a place for a metal music event. A change of location is still not an option though. The historical fort remains a unique place for performing extreme metal music and – more importantly – it is a much appreciated bonus for the performing bands. The bands actually have part of their backstage area inside the fortress. Also, the political representatives of Josefov and Jarom?? have reacted very positively to the presence of the music festival, as have most of the local inhabitants. The festival provides an enormous economic opportunity for a couple of days each year, which the locals gladly seize.

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There are no hotels in Jarom??, so the festival camping is pretty much the only option. For those of you who are still looking for a hotel type of accommodation the Brutal Assault management can offer an option that will even include a shuttle bus from the hotel of Nova Amerika Golf Resort (***) to the festival ground (since the hotel is situated in Zalonov, approx. 6km from the festival ground).


The festival is held in Jarom??, in the Old Army Fortress Josefov, Czech Republic (130km East of Prague). The exact address for your car navigators is: 5.kvetna street, 551 02 Jaromer-Josefov.

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