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Location: Europe Birth: 2008 Run: 5 times Status: active  
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© Tim Tronckoe, Mondkringel Photography

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Heidenfest ist a touring music festival with the strong emphasis on pagan, viking and folk metal, which was started in 2008 by “Rock The Nation” management as a substitute for Paganfest. Since 2008 (with 2009 as the only exception) Heidenfest has been touring all over Europe, mainly in Germany, but also in Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, France, England etc. Every year Heidenfest visits over 20 cities and some gigs are extended and have 2-3 more bands as the special guests. It became very popular, always having many sold-out shows all across the Europe. Nowadays it’s one of the biggest and the most popular pagan-, viking- and folk-metal touring festivals in the world. The concerts are held in the big clubs and halls, every gig gathers about 1000-2000 metal fans.

The first Heidenfest (2008) had a very strong line-up with FINNTROLL, PRIMORDIAL, ELUVEITIE and EQUILIBRIUM as the headlers and with the legendary ENSLAVED as one of the special guests at a few selected shows. The headliner of the 2nd Heidenfest (2010) was a very special so-called “super-project” TWILIGHT OF THE GODS consisting of the members of PRIMORDIAL, CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, MAYHEM and other famous bands covering various BATHORY songs. ENSIFERUM, HEIDEVOLK and some other bands were also in the line-up. In 2011 FINTROLL was the headliner again accompanied with such mighty acts like TURISAS, ALESTORM, TROLLFEST, ARKONA, DORNENREICH and some others.


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