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News about XI. AMPHI FESTIVAL 2015

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Dear Amphi Fans,
as you already learned, the new open air venue will offer 2 stages and enormous space to meet-up with your friends. On the other side of the scale we have the collossal Lanxess-Arena with its impressive mainstage and convenience-oriented infrastructure that stands unmatched in the dark festival summer. A special feature of the arena are its luxurious skyboxes, which are now available for you as a pointedly high-class extra in strictly limited contingents:


You know them from sports-events and big live-concerts worldwide: personal skyboxes! Now imagine you enjoy the Amphi Festival in the circle of your friends or a small group of 10-22 people with the luxury of such a box, featuring fancy furnishings, a perfect view at the stage, an personal toilet and, of course, a flatrate for drinks included. Yes! That would be something! Wouldn´t it?

Said & done, at Amphi Fest 2015 we offer top-exclusive skybox passes now for the available boxes of the Lanxess Arena. Whether you like to experience Amphi 2015 in style, crack the whip in your individual way, or if you just like to enjoy a personal point of retreat amidst the excitement, a skybox pass is the perfect enhancement for your regular festival ticket.


Each skybox / skybox pass features the following:
-admission to a particular skybox from Sat. 10:00 am – Sun. 02:00 am & Sun. 10:00 am – 11:30 pm (the box number will be printed on the pass)
-convenient toilet-room with sink and mirror
-flatrate-drinks (unlimited beer / wine / sparkling wine/ soft drinks on self-service basis inside the box from Sat.: 3:00 pm – 02:00 am & Sun.: 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm)
-seats in stylish ambiance
-balcony (to the auditorium) with special seats in front of the box and perfect view at the stage
-exclusive lounge-corners in the outer circle of the skybox levels (additional retreat)
-service staff (e.g. to restock the minibar, for clean-ups)

You can choose from boxes with with different capacities. Also there are boxes with lockable window pane to the auditorium and open boxes without pane. Further info about each skybox can be found in the venue oversight, the item description for each box at https://www.amphi-shop.de/loge/logenplan.php and the infopage www.amphi-festival.de/2015/logen.html.


Celebrating like goth in Germany as if it was your own living room. Where do you get something alike? At the Amphi Festival of course, respectively at the Amphi ticket shop, online at www.amphi-shop.de. The new skybox passes are available now. Each pass admits one particular person and will be locked to him/her at the first admission. Please note that it is necessary to own a weekend ticket, too. Original tickets and Eventim box-office tickets will both be accepted. This strictly limited offer is available while capacity lasts.

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