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CARACH ANGRENThis week it got 3 acts more in the Summer Breeze 2013 line-up – MOONSPELL, TRISTANIA and CARACH ANGREN will also play their sets in Dinkelsb?hl, Germany.

After MOONSPELL left their first mark on the scene with 1995’s ‘Wolfheart’ and totally took off with its follow-up ‘Irreligious’, the Portuguese have been a constant fixture on the metal map. And since the band led by frontman Fernando Ribeiro have forged themselves a reputation for great live shows, and their last few albums have finally reconnected with the band’s glorious past, it felt nearly mandatory for us to book the band for SUMMER BREEZE 2013. Look forward to a dark, yet gripping and energetic live show from MOONSPELL at SUMMER BREZE 2013. Nuff said!

The interplay between harmonic female singing and powerful male vocals is what has characterized our next booking, Norway’s TRISTANIA, for a long time. After the band from Stavanger had a short break, they are now back with a new album and ready to rock SUMMER BREEZE. As many musicians of their genre, TRISTANIA have kept evolving steadily since their formation, so their latest releases display a mix of modern sounds together with the old gothic-oriented elements, which obviously has a positive effect on their live shows. You can look forward to a forceful group with a little angel at the mic, ready to show you that, even after several line-up changes in their over 15 years of history, they still now how to put on an exciting show.

CARACH ANGREN from the Netherlands, who were pretty high up on your wish lists, deliver black metal of a different kind. While many other bands of that genre use symphonic elements only in the background, CARACH ANGREN go a step further, making their black metal a whole lot more symphonic than their peers. A kind of music comes to life that is almost theatrical, but never comes short in terms of heaviness. Good stuff, because this way the Dutchmen make the SUMMER BREEZE universe another bit more colourful.

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