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The band of August 2013: Amon Amarth

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The band of August 2013: Amon Amarth
Sometimes I think all the popular (bad word?) viking metal bands of Europe were born under a lucky star and that’s why they were actually born in Europe. Just think about it, people outside of Europe were always cruel to this kind of music and lifestyle. Just remember those poor boys from MANOWAR in 80’s who have been called gay just for wearing furs and singing the songs inspired by the viking mythology. And now the band is bigger than ever… in Europe. Such a surprise :) I don’t know why the rest of the world doesn’t really get it, but we’re all lucky to have some kind of a safe viking zone in Germany, Sweden, Norway and so on. Now you can attend practically any metal festival and see thousands of people rocking their asses off to the music of the bands massively inspired by the ancient legends, fairy tales and don’t forget mr.Tolkien’s legacy (if he only knew…). And AMON AMARTH is one of the best ones.

They’ve come from Sweden and it took them fair 10 years to grow their beards break through to the first league. And I can totally see why they succeeded. First of all their music is agressive, but still very melodic and sometimes I think there’s something in the air in Sweden that allows people there to create the most tasty and soulful heavy metal music in the world: CANDLEMASS, OPETH, THERION, ARCH ENEMY, now AMON AMARTH… they all can play very hard, but a good melody will always prevail. Unfortunately the music is not all you must have to make it, there’s also such important thing as charisma and AMON AMARTH do have it due to Johan Hegg, a very talented and charismatic frontman. What also makes this band stand out is their sense of humour, a thing you just can’t underenstimate in this world where you can easily become a bad joke by being too serious about yourself. I mean now you listen to their songs about harsh stuff like Odin, viking war campaigns, heroes, swords and seas of blood and then you visit their home page and read “Purchase “Deceiver of the Gods” album from your local indie record store and get a free Thor

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