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Wild Mint 2015

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International Festival “Wild Mint” will be held on June 26-27-28 near the town of Aleksin!

Within eight years the Russia’s largest worldrockjazz festival only strengthened its positions, attracted more and more visitors from year to year, is one of the first to announce headliners. This year it broke all records by the “statusness” of singers without changing its “wildly growing” idea.

Line-Up of Wild Mint 2015:


Tequilajazzz – the first “festival” reunion of the group will take place specifically on the stage of “Wild Mint”. The whole country has been waiting for their return for a few years and now we know when it will happen. Masters of modern extreme music, authors of the brilliant “Winter Sun” will give a unique concert night.


Aquarium – the absolute unit of the Russian rock will perform in full composition at the “Wild Mint” for the second time within the last 40 years. Boris Borisovich himself noted that the festival has a good atmosphere and is conducive to special concerts. “Wild Mint” was a big joy, because it was held in a family way, as if we were all relatives: simple and without equivocation”.


Melnitsa (the Mill) – the flagship of the Russian folk-rock will appear at the “Wild Mint” for the first time and will give a big evening concert. Subtle sounds of the Irish harp, noble cello, melodic vocals, moderately “metal” guitars and lyrics that immerse the listener in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, Minnesang and fantasy – all this is Melnitsa” as it is liked by tens of thousands of fans.

The Toobes – one of the best Belarusian rock bands, characterized by an incredible energy of performances and exclusively brand sound. They spend all their time in European tours and have time and again shared the stage with such international stars as Franz Ferdinand, The Subways, The Offspring, Deep Purple, BeadyE ye, Gogol Bordello, Clawfinger.


Silver Wedding – a magical Belarusian cabaret, which is loved at home, in Russia and Europe. Each of their concerts is a theatrical performance and French chanson, a puppet show and a musical farce, thoughtlessness and sincerity, decadence and indescribable power!

NAVI – a trendy Belarusian indie, in which light acoustic notes and stylish dance-pop rhythms can be traced. Their creative work is appreciated not only by thousands of fans at home, but also by Russian musicians Diana Arbenina and Sergei Babkin, who invited NAVI to share the stage.

Irdorath – a group playing colorful fantasyrock. Rare musical instruments, author’s and folk stories in the lyrics, a cold shade of Gothic and diverse arrangements make the group one of the most unusual on the Belarusian music scene.

Nino Katamadze & Insight come from Georgia, a country with a big heart. She combines all the best from her homeland in her songs – the national colors, indescribable sound, native language, multiplying it by her expressive talent. She lives through every musical sound with the musicians of Insight, which includes Gocha Kacheishvili (guitar), Ucha Gugunava (bass guitar) David Abuladze (drums).

Mgzavrebi – desperate highlanders, who have long been stars in their own country, occupied a special niche on the Russian stage just within a couple of years. With the release of a new album InVinoVeritas they proved once again that the Georgian tradition in music is a real pleasure for the music lover. Simple and honest lyrics, strong national flavor, exquisite Georgian polyphony – all this makes Mgzavrebi a group “for the soul”. Moreover, a sincere presentation gives the feeling of unity and mutual understanding between the artist and the audience, which occurs only between the best friends.


WHERE: Bunirevo, Tula region, Russia.

WHEN: June, 26-28.

PRICE: 500 r. – 10 000 r. (≈10-200$).

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