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Wolfszeit Festival 2012

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Wolfszeit Festival 2012 flyerEvent: Wolfszeit Festival 2012
Date: 31.08. – 01.09.2012
Place: Crispendorf (near Schleiz), Germany

The Wolfszeit Festival is a 2-day metal / black metal festival taking place in the town of Crispendorf (near Schleiz) in Germany. The first festival was held in 2007 in the Stadthalle Hollfeld, Bavaria and was 100% sold out. After the second Wolfszeit Festival in 2008 was also sold-out, the management took it outside – to Crispendorf (Thuringia) – and made a real big open air event.

The festival has one big stage and the line-up consists of a wide range of mainly black metal and pagan metal bands like KORPIKLAANI, FINNTROLL, VARG, MARDUK, WATAIN, EISREGEN, ENSIFERUM, MOONSORROW etc. At some point the Wolfszeit Festival declared itself as a nazi-free event, setting itself clearly against the NSBM part of the black metal scene and a few NSBM bands in particular… Read more »


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Agrypnie |
Alestorm |
Arkona |
Darkestrah |
Debauchery |
Dornenreich |
Ensiferum |
Helrunar |
Krampus |
  Menhir |
Nocte Obducta |
Obscurity |
Riger |
Sintech |
Thorondir |
Vreid |
Wandar |


Running Order

Friday, 31.8.2012


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